A unique event at a European level exclusively dedicated to exploring the role of decentralized energy in this new dynamic landscape of renewable energy

April, 9th 2024
Lisbon, Portugal
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A unique event at a European level exclusively dedicated to exploring the role of decentralized energy in this new dynamic landscape of renewable energy

Change the way on how we produce, consume, and share energy

In the current geopolitical context, ensuring secure, sustainable, and affordable energy supplies for EU citizens and businesses has become increasingly crucial. This highlights the pivotal role of decentralized energy in safeguarding the interests of nations and consumers.

The Be Next | Europe’s Decentralized Energy Innovation Forum is a unique event at a European level, organized by the Greenvolt Group, exclusively dedicated to discussing the necessary changes in how we produce, consume, and share energy.

The forum will feature influential stakeholders, experts, and leaders who will contribute to shaping the energy landscape.

Be Next

Europe’s Decentralized Energy Innovation Forum

  • 09h00 | Reception

    09h45 | Opening Session

    João Manso Neto | CEO, Greenvolt Group

    10h00 | The New Electricity Market Design In Europe

    Mechthild Wörsdörfer | Deputy Director-General, European Commission’s DG Energy

    10h20 | Decentralized Energy: Change The Way on How We Produce, Consume, and Share Energy

    • What new energy market has emerged in Europe post the recent reform of electricity market design?
    • Where is decentralized energy heading in Europe, and what role does it play in achieving European Green Deal objectives?
    • How to dissipate development asymmetries among different European countries?

    João Manso Neto | CEO, Greenvolt Group
    Walburga Hemetsberger | CEO, Solar Power Europe
    Jerónimo Meira da Cunha | General Director, DGEG – Directorate General of Energy and Geology
    Adolfo Mesquita Nunes | Partner, Pérez-Llorca
    Pedro Carvalho | Full Professor and Coordinator of the Energy Scientific Area, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon

    11h20 | Coffee Break

    11h50 | Financial Models for Decentralized Energy: Investing Without Unbalancing the Books

    • How do on site PPA contribute to streamlining financial models and promoting successful investments in decentralized energy?
    • What effective strategies mitigate financial risks in decentralized energy investments, particularly amidst market volatility?
    • How can energy services agreements align with sustainable goals, ensuring both financial returns and significant contributions to the energy transition?

    Gilles Badot | Director – Adriatic Sea, Acting Director – Iberia, European Investment Bank (EIB)
    Dipak Haria | Head of Infrastructure Debt EMEA, Blackrock
    Américo Carola | Head of the Investment Banking Division, Millennium bcp

    12h30 | Lunch

  • 14h30 | Exploring the State-of-the-Art and Emerging Trends in Decentralized Energy

    Miguel Lopes | Mckinsey & Company

    15h00 | What’s Next for Decentralized Energy Solutions?

    • What role will decentralized energy solutions play in advancing the integration of electromobility within smart cities, and how can this synergy be optimized for sustainable urban development?
    • As we look ahead, what innovative energy sharing models are anticipated, and how can they be strategically contributing to energy transition?
    • How crucial are storage solutions in enhancing the effectiveness of decentralized energy, and in what ways will their utilization impact the dynamics of this market?

    Miguel de Castro Neto | Director, NOVA Information Management School
    Michael Villa | Executive Director, smartEn
    Arturo Pérez de Lucia | General Manager, AEDIVE
    Nelson Lage | President of the Board of Directors, ADENE – Agência para a Energia

    15h50 | Decentralized Energy in Practice: A Cross-Industry Vision for Energy Transition

    • How are different sectors successfully implementing decentralized energy solutions, and what lessons can be drawn for achieving a seamless energy transition?
    • What tangible benefits and challenges are industries experiencing as they integrate decentralized energy solutions into their operations?
    • What collaborative strategies are proving effective, and how can these models be replicated to foster greater synergy among diverse sectors?

    Stefano Fissolo | Senior Director – Renewables, GLP Europe
    Eamon Judge | Retired Executive Director, Eli Lilly
    Luís Delgado | Executive Board Member, Bondalti
    José Cardoso Botelho | CEO, Vanguard Properties

    16h50 | Decentralized Energy: An Empowering Tool for Achieving Carbon Neutrality

    Leonor Beleza | President of the Board of Directors, Champalimaud Foundation

    17h00 | Reflections on the Future of Smart and Sustainable Cities

    Carlos Moedas | Mayor of Lisbon

    17h15 | Cocktail